Engaged Lifestyle Solutions presents

 Nature Loves Company

A resource for caregivers who want to connect seniors with nature.


Save time & energy without sacrificing access to quality activities & experiences.


Caregivers feel valued & supported when given quality resources to deliver quality care.


Purposeful activities lead to higher levels of satisfaction, engagement & connection.


When caregivers have access to daily nature based ideas, projects & resources, they're equipped to elevate their client's health & happiness.

Our resources & training draw upon 15 + years of experience supporting teams in a variety of senior care settings, as well as research based, best practices in the areas of health sciences, gerontology, recreation therapy and function focused care.


How To Get Started


Schedule a Demo

Set-up a one on one virtual demo to learn more about the NLC caregiver resource. 


Host a Pilot

Offer Nature Loves Company to your team for a free 21 day pilot, & get their feedback.


Access Content

Caregivers have access to daily nature based resources to use with the seniors they serve.

Engaging with Nature Leads to Better Outcomes 

Caregivers are doing their best, but are often overwhelmed and struggling to deliver quality care for seniors.

We provide resources that empower them to be more efficient and effective, so the seniors they serve can be as happy and healthy as possible.


When it comes to engaging seniors purposefully throughout the day, we know caregivers deliver their best amidst the competing demands on their time and energy.  However, often many seniors are unmotivated and sedentary,  making it challenging for caregivers to know how best to engage them.


We believe caregivers deserve to have access to effective, high quality resources that can be used to consistently engage seniors throughout the day.  We understand how difficult t is for caregivers to work hard and still feel they are not doing enough for the seniors they serve.


That is why over 15 years of education and experience in the fields of gerontology, health sciences and recreation therapy, along with nature based initiatives have been drawn upon to develop Nature Loves Company. 


To pilot the Nature Loves Company daily resource with your care team contact us at the link below. 

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